Wednesday, November 26, 2014

15 Things I'm Thankful for this Thanksgiving

1} my salvation in Jesus Christ and by His blood my sins are forgiven and I'm assured a mansion on the streets of gold 

2} my wonderful incredibly handsome and hard working husband he works hard so I can stay home with the sweets

3} my babies Pecos Jane and Taos Ray I don't care how many times people told me I was crazy while I was pregnant with Taos they are 19 months apart and it's challenging at times but I'm so glad they're close in age their love for each other  is the most precious thing on this earth 

4} ranching it's the absolute best way of life there is out there as a child I was taught how to work hard and take care of business America could learn a thing or two from this lifestyle 

5} my nieces and nephews I love them like their my own children I would take each one of them in a heartbeat 

6} donuts I love em they are always my favorite treat no matter the occasion or time of day with sprinkles 

7} jewelry even if I am a stay at home mom you can usually find me at least a couple of bracelets daily sometimes it just feels good to accessorize!

8} the sweet family I married into I love them so much Cameron's family has always been so accepting and loving toward me I'm truly blessed 

9} my bed and nap time especially when all my house work is done and I can sneak a Momma nap in

10} being a stay at home mom I'm so happy I get to experience each first with my babies 

11} a positive attitude...I have most of the time but I pray to have one all the time!

12} my Fabulash that gives me amazingly long thick lashes!

13} bright colored lipstick my signature is red but I love to stray to a fun pink or orange 

14} music I don't know what I would do without it I love all kinds and when I say that I mean my listening ranges from Johnny Cash to Edward Sharpe 

15} I'm thankful for my blog and my readers this helps me out from day to day it's nice to share my thoughts and feelings with you and thank you so much for reading 

I hope y'all enjoy time with your family this Thanksgiving! What are some things y'all are thankful for? 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Five Forks Tea House

Today Pecos Jane and I had a little date....well I guess you could call it that! We attended a funeral of a family friend while sick daddy and sleeping bubba stayed home. We shared our date with our big buddy Sebastian! He's a pretty special guy to me. He taught me how to tie my shoes and ride a horse. After the funeral we went and ate lunch at a super cute new place in our hometown called Five Forks Tea House. I love everything about this place! The food { cooked by my super talented mama } and decor { also by my mama and talented owner Judy Miller } are wonderful!! 

The back wall is my favorite! It is so eclectic ranging from deer sheds to elegant silver platters. Not to mention those chandeliers! The steel blue wall color just pulls it all together. 

As far as food we ordered the grilled chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun with homemade macaroni and cheese along with the chicken tortilla soup. The portions are just the right size to fill you up. Sebastian even ordered the grilledchicken  sandwich to go for his dinner. For desert Pecos and I ordered salted caramel cupcakes { um to die for made by Kelsee Newton } and cheesecake with gorgeous eatable flowers garnished on the top. 

The service was super quick and friendly! Everything was absolutely perfect and I do believe we will be visiting very often. It is a cool drink of water to our town. Living in a small town there aren't very many places to choose from to dine at and especially that offer such a beautiful and unique atmosphere. If you're ever passing through Archer City you have to stop by even if it's for a quick cup of tea and cupcake! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Four Days to a Tidy Holiday Ready Home

If you're anything like me you're constantly juggling the small minions and trying to keep a tidy oasis like home for your hard working man. I fail daily at this, BUT I have devised myself a plan to get in a better routine. Also we are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. We are having my mom, sister and her hubby, and inviting a few of the brave men and women who serve our country from Shepard Air Force Base. I want to have a spic and span home so everyone can come and enjoy themselves. 

It seems I always have the one to two hour window { nap time } to get my housework done. Most days lately with the little man not sleeping I've snuck a nap along with them. This next week is crunch time! 

I have always tried to fit all my housework into one day and it just doesn't work for me. I've broke the house down by rooms into four days. Of course there are things I do on a daily basis. Here we go!!

I hope you find my cleaning schedule helpful for not only getting your home holiday ready, but on a week to week basis! 

What are some of y'all's most unfavorite household chores?! One of my many is laundry!! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

Welcome to the next stop on the Tour through Blogland!!! I'm Jordan Finney here at Western Homestead. I'm a cowboy's wife, momma to two sweets, Jesus lover, cook for the Cowboys, and that's just a few of my titles! I'm so excited to be a part of the fun!! 

What am I working on right now?
Right now I'm planning to host our family Thanksgiving for the very first time! I'm constantly searching Pinterest for great recipes. I'm in charge of the sweet potatoe casserole, pies, mashed potatoes, and cranberries. You can find all the great recipes, table arrangements, and kids crafts for the big day on my Pinterest on my board "Hosting the First Finney Thanksgiving." I also am working on getting my house decorated for our first Christmas as a family of four in an actual house. We are picking traditions to enjoy as a family together from Christmas to Christmas each year.  You can find some Christmas DYIs on my blog along with today's blog about what new tradition we are trying this year! Branding is also coming up in a few short weeks. I've got to find lunch and dinner recipes to feed a whole crew of hard working men for 7-10 days. 

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
Well I'm a stay at home momma who plays the part time role of a hairdresser and full time homemaker. I take care of not only my children and home, but multiple times a year I cook for Cowboys that come to help work cattle on our family ranch. My entries can range from funny momma moments, recipes, birthday parties, holidays, DYIs, and so forth. I love that I don't center my blog on one thing entirely. If you know me you know that I'm always flying by the seat of my pants and love life that way! I love excitement and new adventures but at the same time I'm super old fashioned. I'm not really sure how that works out, but that's just me! 

Why do I write?
Being a full time stay at home mom and living five miles down a dirt road we don't exactly have people lined up for a play date with us, so I find blogging allows me to reach out to other Mommas. I enjoy following fellow Mommas and having a laugh or two at our crazy children moments, mommy Pinterest fails, and this crazy life in general. I love the moms I have met so far and look forward to reaching out to more!! We are in all in this crazy club called motherhood together!!

How does my creative process work?
Like I said I always fly by the seat of my pants. I'm usually driving down the road or putting the kids down for a nap and I get an epiphany and I start typing frantically. I write about what is laying on my heart or something I saw that I want to share with others! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Keeping It Merry and Bright

When Cameron and I got married and celebrated our first Christmas together we were living in the bunkhouse. Pecos was 14 months and I was about three months pregnant with Taos. The bunkhouse was not the ideal place for our first Christmas, yet it holds so many precious memories of our little family. There was no oven for baking much less the room for a tree. I found a way to shove a tree in the corner and was a little sad there would be no baking going on. We enjoyed our Christmas in our cozy one roomed home. It was so sweet to wake up just the three of us and see that Santa had visited and watch Pecos rip into her presents!

This year we are celebrating as a family of four and in our new home! I'll admit I have gone a little crazy already with the decorating. There may or may not be a tree in every room by December 1st. With two sweets I'm so excited to begin fun traditions that we all can enjoy  each Christmas. 

This year I have designated a special tree that's in the family room to wrap a book for each night  from December 1-25. Yes, some of them will be our favorite Holliday books such as "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and other Christmas themed  books. I also didn't want to spend an arm and a leg right off the bat with this tradition.  I love around Christmas time Target and Dollar General have tons of cute Chrsitmas books that are just a buck!  They don't have to be new books either. We have tons of Christmas books already that we haven't read since last Christmas that I'll be wrapping up. 

The first night I will wrap up new blankets for Taos and Pecos along with a book to read before bed time as a family. I also have thought about in each box including a few verses of the Christmas story from the Bible. I enjoy Christmas and all the cheer, but I also want my children to understand the true reason for the season. 

Christmas Eve's box will include new jammies, hot cocoa mix, the final verses of Jesus' birth, a book,& a great Christmas movie to watch as a family before we get all snug in our beds to await the arrival of good ole St. Nick.

I also have a cookie party planned for Pecos. She loves to be helpful in the kitchen, and she would be tickled to death to bake cookies for Santa. She talks a lot about him lately. Bring on the carols, sprinkles, cookie cutters, apron, and a good old fashion mess!! 

What Christmas traditions do you do with your family? Are you trying a new tradition this year? Let me know!! 


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Motherhood in the Fastlane

As I sit here in the very rare silence of my home while Taos has crashed out at 7:00 and Pecos and daddy are feeding horses, I reflect on just how fast the last two years of life have flown by. I've always heard that once you hit 21 it goes even faster, but once you hit motherhood times goes by at sonic speed! I hate to think in just a few years I won't get to hear tiny little sticky footprints of footed Jammie's running down the hall to me, the tiny voices saying Mommy, or have any tiny noses to wipe. I know I may drive some of you totally insane with all my baby and toddler spam, but I truly could care less. I'm glad I take too many pictures of these precious moments that are fleeting with my babies. These are the years I get to pour my blood sweat and tears into forming my tiny children into big kids to be ready to be sent out as lights of God to a dark world! Yes, it scares me to send them to school where sometimes awful things happen to innocent children. Then again I think if I cling on to my children, God can't place more blessings into a clinched hand. 

 My babies are growing and growing with each passing day! Just this past week Taos { four months } cut his first tooth and is weighing 18 lbs!! Ummm talk about where is my baby going?! He has graduated to 12 months clothing....unmm awesome excuse to go shopping!! It's hard to believe just four months ago I was holding an 8 pound baby boy all swaddled and sleeping so peacefully. Now he is rolling every which way and scooching across the floor. 

Pecos Jane turned two at the end of October. The sweet baby who made me Momma is two years old?! This seems practically impossible. It seems just like yesterday I was sitting in the tub calling my mom asking what labor feels like. Just last night I said " oh Pecos, will you always be Momma's baby girl?" Her reply much to my devastation was "I'm not a baby any more, Momma!" My heart shattered! 

In turn my point I want to make to you is that even though time moves at warp speed doesn't mean we always have to! Working Mommas and stay at home Mommas the same. Yeah things are crazy at work and baby has an earache for the umpteenth time this month, but hey these are the days that our babies need and most importantly want us! I myself have had to learn this in the past couple months dealing with Taos constantly sick. It's  OK!! There may be a weeks worth of dirt on the floor, dinners dishes to be washed, Sunday dresses and pants to be washed and ironed, and so many other things left undone, but I challenge you this week to just let go just one evening and cut up and have a good time with your kiddos! Friday nights we let Pecos stay up with us and we watch all kinds of movies, play games, wrestle, count our fingers, and color. I have to say it does my heart, soul, and mind good to just let go. Go to bed just once with the house looking like a bunch of hooligans live here....well duh they do!! Have you met us?! As the song says let them be little because they're only little for a little while!! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Sparkly Branches

Do you wanna build a snow man....I'm kidding I'm kidding! But really, would you love to know how to make your own sparkly branches and save some money!!?? I had a lot of fun making these tonight, and it's super easy!  This is a great way to set the tone for the Hollidays by creating a gorgeous effect throughout your home. 

This evening all four of us went to feed the heifers...or if you ask Pecos she'll tell you the "shelias." I suppose she may have some Aussie in her. As when I go I am the designated gate opener, but today I joined cheerfully as I had plans of gathering branches. You also can find branches in your pasture, back yard, or at the park. I gather just three branches that were about three feet each. I did this so I could break off pieces off at my ownleisure. It's always so nice to make the calls when it comes to length snd size of your branches when shooshing them in with your garland. 

I made a quick trip to the good ole Dollar Store and bought some spray adhesive and glitter. I used a pizza box { it gets pretty messy } and laid my branch flat and sprayed the adhesive then glitterfied away! I did the same to the other side, and then topped both sides off with a finally spray of adhesive. It dries super fast and you're ready to decorate!! 

also have a great tutorial coming up on making new Christmas ball ornaments a vintage makeover. I also plan on making some bigger silver and gold sparkly branches to dress the tree!!  

Attitude of Gratitude:Jennifer Crawley

Happy Monday friends! Here's our first write in from a fellow blogger friend, Jennifer Crawley!! Check her blog out!

Good morning! Thanksgiving is a big, big deal for us. My husband is the baby of five and everybody is married with a few kids (2,2,3,5,5), so it's crowded. And fun! My sisters-in-law are all older than me, so I guess you could say that I'm the fun, young, pretty, smart, charming beauty. Haha! Kidding! But in all honesty, I guess I'm the funny one. The one who is witty and keeps people laughing. I'm also the designated broccoli and rice casserole bringer. Pretty big title to have. We love our broccoli and rice. I'm a dessert bringer, too. I love to cook and bake! This year I will also appoint myself as sweet potato bringer if my sister-in-law tries to bring canned yams again this year. Girl, no. You know they gotta be fresh! None of those Sweet Sam canned yams. Never. Like, ever. Lol! When I say we have to cook for an army, it's no joke. There is usually around 40-50 people that show up to my inlaws'. Just typing this out to you is making me really excited! I'm not really close to my sisters-in-law, but I always look forward to seeing all of them! [FYI: my FIL had his first four kids with his first wife and then had Caleb with his wife he has now, so the other kids aren't as close to Caleb or myself. That's ok! They don't know what they're missin'! We fabulous!] 

A couple of years ago I made a cool turkey out of fruit and it was a big hit with the kidlets. Cool mom up in here!  I plan on making one this year also. Of course, I saw it on le Pinterest. I'm not sure what kind of dessert I will bring this year yet. 

Anyways, if you have any questions, send me a text or email! Adios! 

Visit Jennifer's blog today!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude:What Will You Bring to the Dinner Table?

I'm getting a little bit of a late start to this, but I had an epiphany this morning!! With each Thanksgiving we are bustling here and there from grocery store to grocery store trying to find canned cranberries, pie crust, or a last minute table arrangement. I just wanted to open the floor to my readers throughout this month of what you will be bringing to the dinner table this Thanksgiving. This is a fun way to not only share your favorite fall dish recipe, but also what you bring to the table as a friend and family member. Are you the "crazy aunt", the leader, the glue that keeps everyone together?! I also feel along with thankful for our many blessings that we stop and thank Jesus for the way He made us! We were created in His image and we are all His children. The floor is open to anyone blogger or not. I'm always up to making new friends, I don't know about yall?! Feel free to share pictures, links, and whatever else you might be comfortable sharing with us!!

To join in please send your piece along with your favorite recipe and any other links and photos you'd like to share to There is not a limited number of entries I'm willing to share, come one come all!! Pass the word along to your friends and family also! Let's come together this Thanksgiving and share the love!!

Happy Friday!! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Got my List and I'm Checking it Twice:Taos Ray

The Holliday season is upon us once again!! Bring on the lights, fruit cakes, crazy aunts { oh right, that's ME }, and the shopping! This year I have decided to stay outta the shopping mayhem and do all my gift gettin online. This gives me a wonderful reason to be hitting up Etsy!! 

I never knew shopping for a little boy could be so much fun till this spring when I found my beloved Etsy. With a name like Taos Ray, one must totally live up to it!! I myself { as I'm sure I radiate } love original everything!! My babies names are a sure giveaway for that! I have a great love for Navajo print anything and everything! This came in very handy when I wanted my little Taos to have an awesome nursery and not that yuck light baby blue slathered in bears and puppies onsie suits. I have had so many questions about where I get his clothing, blankets, and so on. So here is my Christmas shopping guide for your little man { my style } 

Pictured above is Taos wearing Monkey Feet Shop bibs/bandanas. My little man is quite the drooler! I never really used bibs with my daughter, but with Taos they are a must have on a daily basis. I love the way you can take a plain white t shirt or solid onsie and give it such a stylish look with a bib! You just can't beat such a cute look that even serves the purpose of keeping your sweet dry and warm. 

Starting in the top left corner, I found this great simple gray Navajo and teal stripped pattern bib bandana in the Itty Biddy and Company shop. They fit from baby to toddler. This stylish and soft bandana works great as a bib for drooly babies, a scarf for toddlers.  Make a mess on one side? No worries! Just turn the bandana around and you've got a fresh, clean look! 

The next down comes from Sheh Lah Nanaban Designs. The sizing on this one is newborn to six months. It is 100% cotton with a 100% polyester backing. 

The fox bib also comes from Monkey Feet Shop. It is made with organic bamboo and organic cotton. I personally just can't pass up a cute little fox pattern! With a two snap option this bib fits 3 months to 3 years old! 

Our last featured bib also comes from Itty Bitty and Company. I just love the black and white tribal pattern. It also fits newborn to 3 years old. 

I absolutely love all four of these shirts, along with many more from The Kids Next Door. As you know I'm an arrow addict, a Jesus lover, and I mustache you, what's a Texas boy without a "Don't Tread On Me" shirt?! I love the originality of their designs and the bold colors they choose to print them on. You definitely need to check out their whole collection. They even have shirts for Mommas and Daddies! I've also got some shirts for Pecos picked out that I'll feature on herChristmas  list blog. 

This bull outfit comes from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Sugar Plumb Lane Baby. The Horns long sleeved and Horns leggings are made of 100% organic cotton. The sizes range from newborn to kids large. I love the geometrical design of the bull. This set is at the top of Taos' list! Can't wait to place my order!! 

Taos is definitely a hat baby! I believe that you must always top a great look of with a killer hat. With the cooler weather on the horizon I'm totally obsessed with slouchy beanies.  They're way cuter on babies than on your average fuzzy hipster! The first beanie comes from This Little Piggy Moccs. They offer this lightweight beanie in many different fabrics, and even in organic cottons. They have some great prints that you must check out! The one pictured is one my absolute faves! The last beanie is from Studz and Baby Dollz. They are lightweight and super soft, they are a must for every season. Scrunch it down for a hipster modern look. 

I absolutely love Taos' room, but it is lacking a few small details to finish it up! I found some great prints from the Printed Palette.  They are printed on high quality card stock and are ready to frame in the frame of your choice! I have two blank walls left to fill and these are a perfect start. 

Since Taos is a summer baby he is in desperate need of some heavier duty blankets for this winter. I found this southwestern black diamond crib blanket at the Mod Fox. It will go perfect with his tepee sheets.  It is a good size for your baby to your toddlers. It makes it great for sleeping in his crib, laying it out on the floor to play, and wrapping him up to go out in the harsh winter months. 

I hope you have found some inspiration in my Christmas list for the dude! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see where I have pinned each item.