Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Step Away From the Television!

Over the weekend I finally gave into the guilt trip I have been giving myself the last month. Taos has been very sick the past month with bronchiolitis three times, one case that landed us in the hospital a couple days, and pneumonia once. So in turn we have been spending so much time inside avoiding the awful outdoor allergies to keep him feeling well. This has resulted in an absolute Disney Jr and Nick Jr. OVERLOAD!! I'm not a huge television watcher, I would rather turn on my favorite Pandora stations and be outside. During my pregnancy Pecos and I spend the majority of our day playing outside. She too is such an outdoorsy kinda gal. So I began to try to find ways to incorporate more meaningful indoor task for Pecos. 

All nap time Sunday I spent moving all toys upstairs away from the television and into the playroom. She already has a wonderful imagination and I want to encourage that with a room solely devoted to doing so. There are babies, countless books to read, coloring books, her tepee, rocking horses, dress up clothes, and so forth. I remember myself as a little girl spending countless hours in the very same playroom using my imagination with all my toys. After nap time we spent the rest of the day utilizing that room, and Pecos had a great time reading her beloved books, being Doc McStuffins to her toys and Bubba, and shopping with her basket. My husband and I plan on making some improvements to the playroom as her Christmas present such as a chalkboard and magnet wall. I'm overly excited about the rebirth of our playroom. 

As a googled preschool type programs I stumbled upon www.learncreatelove.com  This site has tons of super cute FREE printable crafts and craft ideas. I printed a cute Halloween craft for each day this week. Pecos is newly two and has the coloring apademic. She colors her little heart out and Momma cuts and paste them together. I also found alphabet color sheets and super cute alphabet flash cards. She is super young, but I thought it might be fun to introduce her to her letters, and possibly explore her name. The site also has games, printable play dough mats, and much more!! If you're looking for some fun simple activities to enjoy with your toddler to 5th grader I highly recommend giving Learn Create Love a gander! 

Happy crafting Mommas!!! Join me tomorrow for Mamas Tell All,Making Time for Mama. 


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