Thursday, October 30, 2014

Staying in this Halloween!

This year I was so excited to take Taos and Pecos trick or treating, but yesterday they started all this nasty cold business...oh and me too could you pass the tissues?! I was pretty bummed out because I made Pecos the cutest cotton candy costume with the help and inspiration from a favorite blogger of mine Whippy Cake!! I had the epiphany to create our very own fun Halloween night in the comfort of our own home!! 

I have an evening of fun games, candy, other sweets, spooky movies and books, and decorations in store for the fam! 

I hit up the Dollar General and found some  super cute sparkly skeletons,owl, and pumpkins for just a buck each! I love that store and all the goodies you can find. I bought my purple sparkle "BOO" at Target in the dollar bin for $3! I found my Halloween garland as a free printable at 

I also snagged this super cute Halloween paper doll printable from Pecos seemed very interested, and I'm hoping she will enjoy her first paper doll. 

As far as game goes, in keeping it very simple. We're going to do some Ghost Bowling. This will bring hours of joy to your kiddos of actually being praised for knocking something over! I'm hoping I won't be regretting this game afterward. I also found a game called Find the Ghost. You wrap a sucker to look like a ghost and tell the child to go find the ghost. Pecos really enjoys being helpful by finding things for mommy and daddy. It's a tiny step toward independence for her.

I'm really sad that the kiddos won't get to experience the original Halloween experience, but I'm excited to try something new. I'm a sucker for party planning...I could use a class or two, but I have more fun than the kids do!  You can follow me on Pinterest and find my board "Staying in this Halloween" to find all the free PRINTAbles, games, and some fun Halloween sweets for our night in. I can't wait to show you the final cotton candy costume and our spooktastic night in as a family! 

Happy Halloween Eve to you and yours!! 



  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful night! I hope everyone is feeling better today!

  2. Thank you!! Hope yall had a good one!