Monday, October 13, 2014


Good morning fellow Blogger ladies! I hope you're enjoying the fall like weather this morning and hope y'all caught a few inches of rain. There were some major storms rolling through last night so we decided to have a big camp out in the living room in daddy's bed roll. We snuggled down hard, and got up and had some great pumpkin French toast for breakfast and coffee. We just sent daddy out the door to check heifers and put on some yummy lunch.

Today I wanted to bring yall my first time ever making chicken and dumplings. I know I'm a little behind in life. Cameron has been begging me to make chicken and dumplings the past couple days. So here I go! I found a very simple recipe and I have tweaked it a little bit so hoping it turns out good.

I got my trusty crockpot out and placed three thawed chicken breast with two large scoops of butter and one  minced white onion. I set the timer for six hours on low. When that time is up I am going to place two cans of biscuits along with a family size cream of chicken and cook for 30 minutes.  I can't believe how simple the recipe is. I'm still new to the whole cooking thing. Bless Cameron's heart, he has been a trooper through me not cooking to learning the ropes of it. He always lovingly critics my cooking. I'm hoping this will be a big hit with the family.

Days like this are perfect for snuggles and crockpot recipes. I might even try to talk  the husband into bringing some firewood in to build our first fire of the year. I'm so excited the weather is finally starting to feel fall like.I am going to spend the rest of this week getting my fall decorations up. We have big company coming in. Cameron's grandma from Florida is it for the weekend and his parents and sister are bringing her.

This is my favorite time of the year. In just 10 days will be celebrating the second birthday of our little girl Pecos Jane. I've got a big "glamping" birthday party in the mix for her. Also today marks the sixth anniversary of mine and my husbands very first date. October has always been my very favorite month of the year. Last October we also found out we were expecting our second child Taos Ray. With the changing of seasons that come with October along came the changes of life that have made my life wonderful. I always find it easy to count my blessings throughout fall. It seems with each year there are more and more blessings that are added to my life! 

 I'm hoping that this recipe taste as good as the house smells. I hope you have a blessed and safe day whether you are at work or staying home with the kiddos. 

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