Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Birthday on a Budget

Along with birthday parties for you sweets come the endless list. There's food, decorations, invitations and it goes on and on. I'm a momma who believes a birthday should be celebrated all week long!! I remember how exciting and important my birthday was to me growing up, and I want my babies to know that I understand that! It's easy to get carried away financially when it comes to birthdays. This year I decided to try to cut back where I could by being a Do It Yourself Momma! 

Last year I spent $125 at Shutterfly on invitations. This year I wised up and searched Etsy. I love Etsy because they have unique products. The other sites seem to just have the generic type birthday invitations. We are doing a "Glamping" themed party. Etsy is full of great glamping invitations. I paid $10 for the download and printed the invitations at Wal Mart for $40. I cut that expense more than half and got a way better deal. 

This year my mom and I made her party dress. I bought the kitty fabric from The Cloth Pocket in Austin, Texas. It comes 1/4 of a yard for $3.25. We already had her pink onsie.  I'll have a blog on the making of her dress soon!! Super easy and cute, and I love that she is the only one with this super funky party dress!

I find that venue and decorations are where I spent quite a bit. The backyard at home is the perfect place for a glamp out!! Also I don't have worry if my children act like complete fools running and screaming. We are at home and they can have a great time running wild outside with nothing to break. Also I found printable decorations on Etsy for just $30. The package includes cupcake toppers, water bottle labels with her name on them, food and lemonade labels, birthday banner, food table labels, "don't feed the Bears" sign, welcome sign, s'mores kit labels, just to name a few. I can print these off at FedEx for just 75 cents a sheet. That'll cost me $20-$25 roughly. 

As far as Pecos' big present we with making a tepee. She is such a big reader, and what better reading nook for a glamp out than a tepee?! I found sheets at the Salvation Army for $2 and bought mops for the sticks for $2 a piece. It's simple and super cute for just $10. We also got her few other little presents. A blog to follow as well on the making of this cute thing!

This year I also decided to take her pictures myself! I wouldn't say they're anything to write home about, but I think I captured a few cute ones!! I used my Cannon SX50 HS. It was fast a furious juggling both babies and trying to catch the perfect snap. Thank you Jesus for the gorgeous natural background you gave us last night and my beautiful subject! 

As far as food we are going super simple. We are going to gather round the campfire with our friends to roast weenies and marshmallows. I also am going to make cupcakes! The cost of food should be around $30-$40. 

This year I have kept her birthday party under $200!! I can't to have it this Saturday and share pictures with yall!! Have a happy Wednesday!



  1. Great job mama. Everything is looking awesome! I want a teepee!

  2. Thank you! Can't wait to put al the pieces together Saturday!