Thursday, October 30, 2014

Staying in this Halloween!

This year I was so excited to take Taos and Pecos trick or treating, but yesterday they started all this nasty cold business...oh and me too could you pass the tissues?! I was pretty bummed out because I made Pecos the cutest cotton candy costume with the help and inspiration from a favorite blogger of mine Whippy Cake!! I had the epiphany to create our very own fun Halloween night in the comfort of our own home!! 

I have an evening of fun games, candy, other sweets, spooky movies and books, and decorations in store for the fam! 

I hit up the Dollar General and found some  super cute sparkly skeletons,owl, and pumpkins for just a buck each! I love that store and all the goodies you can find. I bought my purple sparkle "BOO" at Target in the dollar bin for $3! I found my Halloween garland as a free printable at 

I also snagged this super cute Halloween paper doll printable from Pecos seemed very interested, and I'm hoping she will enjoy her first paper doll. 

As far as game goes, in keeping it very simple. We're going to do some Ghost Bowling. This will bring hours of joy to your kiddos of actually being praised for knocking something over! I'm hoping I won't be regretting this game afterward. I also found a game called Find the Ghost. You wrap a sucker to look like a ghost and tell the child to go find the ghost. Pecos really enjoys being helpful by finding things for mommy and daddy. It's a tiny step toward independence for her.

I'm really sad that the kiddos won't get to experience the original Halloween experience, but I'm excited to try something new. I'm a sucker for party planning...I could use a class or two, but I have more fun than the kids do!  You can follow me on Pinterest and find my board "Staying in this Halloween" to find all the free PRINTAbles, games, and some fun Halloween sweets for our night in. I can't wait to show you the final cotton candy costume and our spooktastic night in as a family! 

Happy Halloween Eve to you and yours!! 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mamas Tell All: Making Time for Mama

It's that time again! Really, the best time of the week, if you ask me. That's right, time for Mamas Tell All! We've been having an amazing time so far, and last week we really loved hearing about all the things you swore you'd never do as a mom. If you haven't been joining in before now, it's not too late to get started! Just write a post about this week's topic and link it up! Don't forget to follow the hosts (and co-host!), grab the button, and read some of the other're sure to enjoy yourself and maybe learn a thing or two!


Everyday Thoughts The So-Called Homemaker That Southern Mama

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Mamas Tell All : Making Time For Mama

Mom, Mommy, Mama and the list goes on and on. I know we all yearned for our babies to say " mama." Then the chanting of mama mama mama mama begins. Their sweet little voices begin to even sound robotic as they try to get your attention while we are on the phone. As much as we all love our babies, we would all be fibbing if we didn't say we all needed and quite frankly all deserved a little "Mama time" from time to time. From the daily grind of meal prepping and cooking, laundry, wiping noses, sweeping, dusting, diaper changes, wiping noses again, and so forth sometimes I know I wanna just pull my hair out!  Just five minutes of silence and no touching would be fabulous. 

A couple weeks ago I had a complete crying breakdown. My father has recently moved next door and I on top of caring for my own family do his cooking, shopping, laundry, and errands. As much as I do love my father, it's just a lot for one person! It had been a long weekend, and my fellow mommies know that a weekend is just any other day of week. The past month Taos { our four month old } had been in the hospital along with having bronchiolitis three times and pneumonia once so with the added stress of a sick baby and the anxiety of the bill arriving and the added expenses of his medications I was already on the watch list. This day in particular it seemed the kids were both fussy, and my husband and father both had extra chores for me. When my husband asked me to help with a simple task I just lost it crying hysterically! 

I then began to pour out the feelings I had kept caged up for a few months! We all know as stay at home mom even as working moms your social life gets thrown to the back burner. Every friend I thought that I had before I had Pecos had slowly drifted away. The saying you always find out who your true friends are after you have kids is so true! I told my husband of all the anxiety and jealously I had been dealing with even though I was completely thankful to be a stay at home mom and experience each milestone with our children first hand. At times my flesh takes over and I become a very very selfish person. 

My husband was completely supportive and understanding as to where I was coming from. We then decided at least once a week for an evening he would keep both kids so I could enjoy a luxiourious bubble bath where washing my hair and shaving my legs I could do!! Having a two year old and four month old it seems the simple things in life such as normal hygiene become a luxury! 

I also have began waking up around 5:00 to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee with my favorite devotion "Mom's Night Out." Some days it's very hard for me to get up and at em, but it truly does pay off at the end of the day. I have a more gracious attitude toward my family and have lost that chip on my shoulder of poor pitiful me! I am completely blessed with a gorgeous husband and healthy and beautiful children! Don't let your light fade, take time for yourself to keep on shining! We are blessed to acquire the coveted title of Momma! Our babies melt our hearts daily with their sweet gummy grins, "I loved yous" , they always need us! 

I find that finding a small amount of time each day for myself has helped me as a wife and mother. I'm more likely to do things without complaining. I hope that you too can find a few moments a day to sit and bask in quietness and reflect on all your blessings. A thankful heart is best!


Now it's your turn...tell us what you do to make time for yourself! You have until next Tuesday night to link up, which is plenty of time to write a post. :)

And don't forget about next week's topic: Planning for the Future!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{ Halloween Pajama Party }

If you know me you know that I'm usually always running behind...hey I'm a newbie to this two sweets thing! We decided to join in on the virtual pajama party, BUT we are a few days late. Never the less we shall join and enjoy!!! Here are my sweets in their one of many Halloween pajamas. I'm a freako about Holliday baby clothing! I failed to get both of them in one picture because Taos decided on an early bedtime tonight.  

Pecos in her Halloween candy pjs along with her Halloween Hello Kitty's. 

We are reading one of my all time Halloween faves! It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

My sweet little man in his pumpkin hat...sometimes a boys just gotta crash out shirtless! 

All our Jammie's can be found at Target...shocking right?! Can't wait to show off our costumes and see y'all's! Have spooktastic night!

Step Away From the Television!

Over the weekend I finally gave into the guilt trip I have been giving myself the last month. Taos has been very sick the past month with bronchiolitis three times, one case that landed us in the hospital a couple days, and pneumonia once. So in turn we have been spending so much time inside avoiding the awful outdoor allergies to keep him feeling well. This has resulted in an absolute Disney Jr and Nick Jr. OVERLOAD!! I'm not a huge television watcher, I would rather turn on my favorite Pandora stations and be outside. During my pregnancy Pecos and I spend the majority of our day playing outside. She too is such an outdoorsy kinda gal. So I began to try to find ways to incorporate more meaningful indoor task for Pecos. 

All nap time Sunday I spent moving all toys upstairs away from the television and into the playroom. She already has a wonderful imagination and I want to encourage that with a room solely devoted to doing so. There are babies, countless books to read, coloring books, her tepee, rocking horses, dress up clothes, and so forth. I remember myself as a little girl spending countless hours in the very same playroom using my imagination with all my toys. After nap time we spent the rest of the day utilizing that room, and Pecos had a great time reading her beloved books, being Doc McStuffins to her toys and Bubba, and shopping with her basket. My husband and I plan on making some improvements to the playroom as her Christmas present such as a chalkboard and magnet wall. I'm overly excited about the rebirth of our playroom. 

As a googled preschool type programs I stumbled upon  This site has tons of super cute FREE printable crafts and craft ideas. I printed a cute Halloween craft for each day this week. Pecos is newly two and has the coloring apademic. She colors her little heart out and Momma cuts and paste them together. I also found alphabet color sheets and super cute alphabet flash cards. She is super young, but I thought it might be fun to introduce her to her letters, and possibly explore her name. The site also has games, printable play dough mats, and much more!! If you're looking for some fun simple activities to enjoy with your toddler to 5th grader I highly recommend giving Learn Create Love a gander! 

Happy crafting Mommas!!! Join me tomorrow for Mamas Tell All,Making Time for Mama. 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happiest Birthday to My Sweet Baby Girl

The moment I found out I was going to become a mother was probably one of the most terrifying moments of my life. At the age of 21 and an unmarried preacher's daughter I was very scared. Praise the Lord Cameron and I had a great relationship and he loved us both. We as individuals had so much growing up to do before becoming a mother and a father. I remember the evenings soaking in the tub crying out of fear not being able to give her the life she deserved. My favorite thing I was told was by my mother in law. She said yall calm down, she isn't going to come out of the womb demanding Old Gringos. The lyrics of Christina Perri's song  "A Thousand Years" kept me going strong. 

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

I would have never made it if it weren't for the support of Cameron. I know he was just as scared as I was, but he kept strong for me. He was amazing attending each appointment he could with me holding my hand. His face was priceless when the sonogram tech said get your guns ready Dad it's a girl!

As family members were coming around to the idea of a little girl joining the family, I began to enjoy my pregnancy. I worked six days a week 10 hour shifts doing hair at ULTA. I remember being so excited to collect my tip money each night and rush to Target to buy baby clothes. The months went by and we were getting so close to the big day!

Two years ago at this very time Cameron and I were walking the sky bridge of Denton Presbyterian.  The fear that over took me was so great. Thankfully once I got my meds I was out for the night. 

On October 23rd at 6:43 am I met the most beautiful human being I have ever laid eyes on. It was instant indescribable love. I also fell in love with Cameron all over again in a totally different way as we became a family in that delivery room. Pecos was showered with love within the first hour of life as grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and friends passed her around. We all knew right from the start she was something special! 

Our journey began as a family. Pecos and I spent a lot of time alone as Cameron was working so very hard to support us. At the time I was living in an efficiency apartment very close to the campus of University of North Texas. It wasn't the ideal place to bring your bundle of joy home as the college parties were loud and the football games could be heard through the windows. But this was our home. I have so many precious memories of that place. We survived our first night out of the hospital, heard her first giggle, had her first night of teething all nighters, and first Halloween Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Pecos taught me a love I never knew the human heart was capable of. She became my very  best friend, as I slowly lost touch with the world outside of those apartment walls. Friends dropped slowly like flies, and it just turned into Pecos and me. There were days that I longed for conversation and just plain sunshine. Even though at times I felt hopeless, I'm truly thankful that I was the one feeding each feeding, changing each diaper, and catching each gummy grin. Gosh, what I wouldn't give to go back for one day! With each day she gets bigger and prettier! 

I'm so thankful for all the times of facing bad weather, scary situations, crying nights, and the giggles. When daddy would be out of town we would have some great snugly sleepovers. 

I'm so glad a year ago we moved back to Archer City and that daddy is home each and every night. I know it was just as hard on him as it was on me when he was gone. Cameron is a wonderful husband and father. Pecos adores her father in the most precious way. She is so a daddy's girl, and that makes my heart so happy.


Tonight as I tucked my baby in for the last time as a one year old there were some tears shed. She is becoming such an independent little girl. She is so busy all day everyday. Pecos is always playing and running wide open. She has such a free spirit, and captures the heart of each person she meets. She is incredibly smart. She knows her colors, her animals, and much more. Each nap time and night she puts herself to sleep looking at the book we read before prayers. She has a heart the size of Texas. She has loved Taos from day one. She is constantly kissing and hugging on "her Taos!" 

I want to wish my first baby love, the one who made me Momma, sweet forever my baby girl a very happy second birthday! It's been a complete joy and honor to watch you grown thus far. Oh the years ahead of us fighting over your wardrobe choices and boys, I will forever cherish these moments you need Momma for each thing. I'll cherish each diaper change, bath time, story time, tying of shoes, and meal cooked for a lifetime. I'm so proud of the beautiful caring girl you are growing to be. Momma loves you to the moon and back times a million. 

Birthday on a Budget

Along with birthday parties for you sweets come the endless list. There's food, decorations, invitations and it goes on and on. I'm a momma who believes a birthday should be celebrated all week long!! I remember how exciting and important my birthday was to me growing up, and I want my babies to know that I understand that! It's easy to get carried away financially when it comes to birthdays. This year I decided to try to cut back where I could by being a Do It Yourself Momma! 

Last year I spent $125 at Shutterfly on invitations. This year I wised up and searched Etsy. I love Etsy because they have unique products. The other sites seem to just have the generic type birthday invitations. We are doing a "Glamping" themed party. Etsy is full of great glamping invitations. I paid $10 for the download and printed the invitations at Wal Mart for $40. I cut that expense more than half and got a way better deal. 

This year my mom and I made her party dress. I bought the kitty fabric from The Cloth Pocket in Austin, Texas. It comes 1/4 of a yard for $3.25. We already had her pink onsie.  I'll have a blog on the making of her dress soon!! Super easy and cute, and I love that she is the only one with this super funky party dress!

I find that venue and decorations are where I spent quite a bit. The backyard at home is the perfect place for a glamp out!! Also I don't have worry if my children act like complete fools running and screaming. We are at home and they can have a great time running wild outside with nothing to break. Also I found printable decorations on Etsy for just $30. The package includes cupcake toppers, water bottle labels with her name on them, food and lemonade labels, birthday banner, food table labels, "don't feed the Bears" sign, welcome sign, s'mores kit labels, just to name a few. I can print these off at FedEx for just 75 cents a sheet. That'll cost me $20-$25 roughly. 

As far as Pecos' big present we with making a tepee. She is such a big reader, and what better reading nook for a glamp out than a tepee?! I found sheets at the Salvation Army for $2 and bought mops for the sticks for $2 a piece. It's simple and super cute for just $10. We also got her few other little presents. A blog to follow as well on the making of this cute thing!

This year I also decided to take her pictures myself! I wouldn't say they're anything to write home about, but I think I captured a few cute ones!! I used my Cannon SX50 HS. It was fast a furious juggling both babies and trying to catch the perfect snap. Thank you Jesus for the gorgeous natural background you gave us last night and my beautiful subject! 

As far as food we are going super simple. We are going to gather round the campfire with our friends to roast weenies and marshmallows. I also am going to make cupcakes! The cost of food should be around $30-$40. 

This year I have kept her birthday party under $200!! I can't to have it this Saturday and share pictures with yall!! Have a happy Wednesday!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Crossed by Gypsy Soule Limited Edition Holiday Collection: Hair Accessories

Attention brides to be, high school girls planning on prom in the spring, and anyone who just loves them some elegant hair accessories. Crossed by Gypsy Soule has released some gorgeous hair brooches with their Limited Edition Holiday Collection. These items aren't around for long so you better make the first move!! Each piece is made with real crystals, beads, and stones. They help complete that perfect look with your wedding gown, prom dress, or maybe dress up your hair with jeans and boots. I love the versatility of these pieces. When I'm going for a casual look of jeans and a simple shirt I love to dress my hair up with a sparkly headband or hair brooch from Crossed. Check these gorgeous pieces out!! 

Vintage inspired broach hair clip 2” wide X 3.75” long – light blue faceted cab jewel encased in silver thread, surrounded by clear crystals and charcoal faceted crystal bead – large clear and taupe crystal accents on each end.

Price: $69.99

Vintage inspired broach hair clip 3” wide X 3.75” long – mint green stone encased in silver thread, surrounded by clear crystals and taupe faceted crystal beads, fresh water pearls, mint faceted crystal beads, blue tear drop crystals.
Price: $69.99

Vintage inspired broach hair clip 2” wide X 3.75” long – caramel faceted cab jewel encased in gold thread, surrounded by clear crystals and gray faceted crystal bead – large clear and taupe crystal accents on each end. 

Price: $59.99

Um what do ya think?! Gorgeous huh?! All these products can be viewed and purchases at

Nice to meet Yall!!

Since I've been working on getting my blog out there and seen, I'm hoping I've gained just a few new followers. In that case I'd like to take some time to introduce my family and I to you! 

I was born and raised in Archer County on my father's cattle ranch. Growing up my two sisters and I worked right alongside all the boys in pasture. We were right in the middle of the action flanking calves, giving shots, branding, feeding, and all that great stuff. Also I was a very active member of the National Youth Cutting Horse Association and the Texas High School Rodeo Association where I served as the student Vice President and President. I qualified for state four times, earned a State Champion Title, qualified for nationals twice along with a National Reserve Champion Title. 

After high school I moved to Weatherford to attend Weatherford College where I attained an associate degree and completed cosmetology school. I also met the love of my life there. Cameron was on the rodeo team. We met through my roommate's boyfriend. We had seen and totally noticed each other weeks before, but I for one am way to shy to make the first move. After meeting in the game room we have been pretty well insuperable. 

After graduation I moved home to work in my mom's shop. Cameron was also working for dad help run the ranch. After a few months of being home I decided I wanted to further my education and go to fashion school. 

In the August of 2011 I made the leap of faith moving to Denton to attend the University of North Texas. It was a big personal challenge for me moving to a town that I was not familiar with or knew anyone in town. In my second semester of fashion school Cameron and I found out we were expecting a baby. At the age of 21 and 22 we felt we were merely kids. I had a part time job as a hairstylist at ULTA, and quit school to become full time and Cameron moved to Decatur to help run yearlings. 

At 6:43 on a Tuesday morning we gained the new titles of Mom and Dad to a beautiful 7lb 7 oz baby girl, Pecos Jane. We fell instantly head over heels for her. The first few months it was just Pecos and I, since Cameron was working so much. Pecos and I have so many first we share with each other...that is my blog for this Thursday as my girl turns the big TWO!! She taught me so much about love in those few months of just us in that tiny efficiency apartment day after day. 

In the February 2013 Cameron and I said  I do and moved in together as a family to Decatur. I was so happy to have Cameron close by, even though he was gone most days day working making a living for our family. I was so thankful to have the blessing of being a stay at home mother to experience each moment with Pecos first hand. As with Denton, I didn't really know anyone around Decatur so it became really difficult some days. I yearned for conversation and a friend to have. That August I began nannying for some really great people. I also got to keep Pecos along with their precious little boy and nine year old daughter. That job was a complete blessing for a new mom looking for a little niche. 

That October we made the big move back to Archer County { praise the Lord } and celebrated Pecos Jane's first birthday around loving family and friends. We moved into the bunkhouse and made it our home. Cameron started running cattle for my uncle in Dundee and helping my dad at the Swichhouse. A week after Pecos' first birthday we found out we were expecting baby # 2. We were totally shocked but very excited!! God's timing is perfect timing. I firmly believe that Cameron's job became available for us to move back and be around family for the pregnancy and birth of Taos. 

The blessings were multiplying as in January we got to move into the "Switchhouse", the house I grew up in. It was a dream come true for me. I always wanted to marry a cowboy and move back home to raise our babies out on the family ranch. Ranch life is the best childhood.

June 19th at 7:49 am our lives again changed when our 8 lb 11oz Taos Ray was born. Oh how my heart beamed with love and pride as I held both my babies for the first time. It's amazing the love God blesses you with. I felt like my heart would explode when I looked in my husband's gorgeous green eyes and we held our babies at their first meeting. 

This bring us to present day. I am a stay at home Momma who is a hairstylist and Independent Soule Sister at Crossed by Gypsy Soule on the side. I love Jesus, my husband, my babies,family, fashion, cooking, coffee, and life!! I believe each day is a blessing that the Lord has given us, so we should go out and make the best of it!! Thank you to all my new followers, and I look forward to sharing more blogs with yall, and reading your blogs!! 

Have a blessed day!