Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh, be careful little mouths what you say....

Oh be careful little mouths what you say
Oh be careful little mouths what you say
There's a Father up above
And He's looking down in love
So, be careful little mouths what you say 

I know we've all heard this song during sometime of our childhood! But as I trudge through this wonderfully hair pulling journey of motherhood, I tend to wonder if we as parents should sing this song to ourselves! But really! As funny as it seems, I'm always fumbling over my words while in the presence of my beautiful little parrot Pecos Jane. She is such a little sponge, which can be a great thing and also not so good! 

On the good side she is learning like crazy at this age of 23 months...sniff sniff she is NOT supposed to be this old!! Everyday she astounds me with a new catch phrase and words. It has gotten to where she is carrying on a full on conversation with us. It makes things so much easier when she can tell me if she's hungry, thirsty, or if her little tummy is hurting. It so nice the last almost year of getting over that communication hump of crying and whining and using our big girl words to tell Momma and Daddy what she needs! Her favorite thing is to FaceTime with her Lolli and Pop. When she replies with phrases such as "I love you" "I miss you" "yes ma'am" and "I'm playing" I beam with pride of my smart little girl! I'll admit she repeats what I say and I'm not so proud of MYSELF at times!

As I admitted in my last blog that I fail daily, my speech is just one of the many areas I struggle. I wouldn't say I have a complete "potty mouth," but from time to time when I stub my toe in front of Pecos and shout out "oh crap" and she repeats I have to show her that that isn't correct. I have to admit it's very hard not to giggle at that little sweet voice saying such a thing, but I'd really not like her to say that at church or out in public! I usually tell her that that was very bad of mommy to say. And she responds with "oh bad Momma"  I honestly don't know if this is quite the "by the book" correct way to handle this but I'm sure trying and thus far we haven't had outburst. I also have a really bad habit of saying shut up when I dont believe something...yeah so teenager of me I guess I'll never quite grow up. I know that everyday is new day and a learning process of this raising polite children. 

So I've admitted one of many motherhood flaws and it still gives me a good giggle from time to time. I'm so thankful that I serve a forgiving Savior and He always is giving me a fresh start with each morning. I'm sure by the time I'm a 99 year old granny in my moo moo's I'll have this motherhood thing figured out, until then I'm going to grin and bear each failure and know that when the sun rises  I have a fresh start! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You got this me!!

Wow! I have so been ignoring my blog since Mr. Taos Ray came into the world! So much has changed in the Finney house!! 

Taos was born Thursday June 19th at 7:49 am weighing 8 lbs 11oz and 21 1/2 in long!! I'll have the full scoop on that day for you soon!! What a wonderful blessing our little man is!! 

Adjusting to two kiddos opposed to one was almost impossible it seemed the first month. Bathtime was the worse!! Everyone is cranky and ready to get to bed...Momma included!! Little man wanted to be held, but I had to be scrubbing on my girl! Who knew a relaxing bath could be so stressful? And by the way I had to just let go of that nagging voice inside, and let toy explosions be a part of my home decor.  I began to forget what daily hygiene don't judge me you know you've been there! There were nights that I crashed out in my clothes that were covered in the day of babies. But the two things that have  kept me going are a wonderful and supportive husband and the fact that no matter what my house looked like or even what I looked or smelled like I went to bed with a full heart! I remember in the last months of my pregnancy I tortured myself with the single thought of what if I don't love Taos the same way I love Pecos? I can honestly say the moment I laid eyes on him in that delivery room I fell head over heels for that sweet baby boy, and wouldn't you know even though it's hard to explain but I love both of my children with the same amazing love! Watching how they interact with each other warms my heart on a daily basis. Pecos' reaction the first time she met Taos is the most precious video you'll ever see! I've been told a many a times they could go viral. The day we brought Taos home she sat on the couch and held him and rocked and sang rock a bye baby to him. My mom and I just sat there and bawled. Children are the greatest blessings from God. 

With each day and new battle defeated I slowly got the hang of life with two sweets!  I admit I'm still adjusting and I learn something new each and every day. I can't even imagine life not being a family of four. I fail daily and am constantly asking forgiveness. My children love me no matter how badly I mess up or even if it's the same mistake over and over. And for that I will endure any amount of Bubble Guppies episode over and over again!! As mothers we need to remember that we are doing this for the first time and we are bound to make a few, or a lot, of mistakes. We should join together to lean on each other, instead of tearing each other down. Does it really make a better mother who loves their child better  based on breastfeeding or formula feeding, when you start solids, whether you use disposable or cloth diapers, or if you chose to or not to vaccinate your children? I honestly don't believe any of those things effect your love for your children! Keep your head up Momma no matter what others tell you. Don't you know we all love unsolicited advice from others!! LOL! 

This is just one busy and crazy Momma who understands what you might be going through! Leaning on each other and being a little less judgmental we can make motherhood a little more easier!