Monday, July 14, 2014

You Can't Quit Birth

Denver gave me this book a few weeks ago and I'm finally digging in. Just finished the first devotion and I'm wanting to keep reading!! 

You Can't Quit Birth 

Isaiah 66:7

Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son.

Kerri starts out talking about how she had her birth plan of NOT having a c-section. Yet after 36 hours of labor and only dialed to a one the doctors told her the only option was a c-section. She told her doula that she gives up, and she responds that you "don't quit labor". One way or another you will give birth to a baby. She compares this to our prayer lives. When God makes a promise had we don't see it, there's a birthing process that we sometimes need to go through, and it can he quite painful. But just like labor, even if there are complications, you don't keep pushing and pushing and pushing....until you see what you're praying for. Whatever you're fighting for, don't quit. Whatever you are "birthing"- a healing, a restored marriage, a child- keep fighting. Just PUSH

P- proclaim God's promises. Say them out loud and feel yourself getting stronger. 

U- understand your authority. God has given us authority over all the schemes of the devil. Exercise it and the devil must flee. 

S-stand on the Word. Find a verse that fits what you are fighting for. When the devil attacks you with doubt, pull out the promise in God's word and stand on it. 

H- help others in the process before and after your miracle arrives. This is warfare in and of itself. You're letting the enemy know you're not backing down and you are dangerous. 

Take a moment to think about...

1. What promises are you praying for?

2.what burdens do you carry?

3.what scripture can you refer to help you with your burdens?l

Lord, I stand on your promises in my life. I rebuke doubt and fear and believe that what you say is true. I will not quit "pushing" for all that you have for me and my family. Amen

Happy Monday Mommas!!!  


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