Friday, March 14, 2014

Welcoming Baby #2 Taos Ray Finney

This past weekend Cameron's amazing aunt offered to do maternity family pictures for us. I was so excited when she had mentioned them to me, because when I had my maternity pictures done with Pecos' pregnancy Cameron was not able to be a part due to work. What sweet precious moments she caught on camera for us. 

She lives in a newer housing development in Prosper so there were so many gorgeous empty lots to work with. The beautiful Cedar trees and the bleak gray sky of that day were so complimentary to the natural look we were going for. The dress I wore might be my most favorite dress I've ever owned! After having a picture pinned on Pinterest of a similar dress but in black, I finally found the perfect dress from Southern Jewlz. I ordered it on a Sunday night and they had it shipped to me by Wednesday. I highly recommend them!! They have the cutest clothes and are very punctual about getting them to you. Here's a link to their website 

Cameron was so sweet about tending to ever detail. We had thought about him wearing a gray shirt, but he insisted on wearing blue since we are having a BOY!! It was so cold and he was such a trooper and did anything and everything Christa asked. 

Christa had bought Pecos this sweet cream romper a few months back for Pecos and it was the most perfect big sister outfit!! Since daddy was wearing blue, we added a dash of blue in her super cute Mary Janes. Bless our baby's heart we had her wrapped in blankets only letting her out to snap a few pictures. This week we have had pneumonia  and I can't help but feel a smidgen guilty!! She is recovering quite well thank goodness!

I'll end this sweet little blog with the rest of my faves from our maternity shoot for Taos Ray!! 

Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed!

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