Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring Folks!!

Happy Spring friends!!! What a breath of fresh air that wonderful storm last Saturday was. In turn I have seen little signs of spring every this week. Green grass has started popping up everywhere you look, trees are blooming,& the cattle are getting full. I pray we continue to recieve rain to nourish our land and livestock. 

This week Pecos and I also planting a few seeds on our "Honey Bee Garden". We have been collecting household items such as banana peels, orange peels, coffee grounds, tea bag, and egg shells to make our own compost. I had no idea how simple it was to make your own!! We go trough these items on a daily basis at our house so I just started a large pickle jar and mixing it all together. Also since we are one of the most severe droughts ever seen in history we are saving bath water to water our garden. I just use buckets to save the water and haul it down stairs each afternoon to water. Talk about frugal gardening!! I'm so anxious to see our first buds jump up!! We also planted a few strawberry plants close by. I'm planning on adding a few more vegetables to the garden. 

I also found a link that was super helpful about creating your own bee garden. It said to keep it as natural as you can by purchasing organic seeds, and compost. Also keep the environment as "wild" as you can. Don't pull weeds and such. It attracts more bees the more natural and "messy" you keep your garden. For more information visit this link .I hope you too will take the pledge to help save the bees. Don't forget all the foods that would be no more if the bees go extinct.

Thanks for reading!! Don't forget to have a great day and enjoy that spring like weather out there!!


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