Monday, January 13, 2014

Cute Homegrown Gals Looks From Junk Gypsy

I'm always checking out The Junk Gypsy Company for inspiration in many aspects of, home decor, and sometimes just plain inspiration. I love this look they have created! So much "homegrown gal" in such a sweet package!! 

I can't help but adore the vintage floral hoodie adorned with nothing better than a MASON JAR that reads "Home Grown Round Top, TEXAS." Oh how I am such a Texas proud lady!! I love my roots and wanna show em to the world! I'm always a sucker for anything as I like to say "country vintage." Flowers are such a sweet girly touch for even the toughest of Texas women! 

Oh and who doesn't love their favorite pair of ripped up blue jeans that have been through it all with us!! From their new days of parties to the ends days of feeding cattle and artsy projects! Bless my jeans' heart  they are used for everything in life from day one...even riding! I may be taking it a little extreme but hey when don't I, but jeans to me are like a story book of my life. I love to look at rips and say hey that was from the day I was feeding cows and got hung on the gate, or this paint drip was from a few years back painting my Mom's awesome beauty shop! What awesome memories blue jeans hold for me! And how awesome that we can rock our story book blue jeans for a cute stylish look!

No outfit is complete without your favorite boots!! A splash of turquoise and fringe always do an outfit some good! You know boots were made for walking and that just what us Texas ladies love to do!! Either just a quick trip to the grocery store or a night out on the town with my hubby I always love to keep the towns people on their feet...what does that girl have on now?! 

To top the look off with small details I just love the leather anchor bracelet! I'm often a fan of leather cuffs, but some days call for a little more light weight bracelet. 

Check out to see all their looks!! 

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