Sunday, January 5, 2014

40 Week Journey to Baby Finney #2 : Week 15

At week 15 of our second pregnancy, I've decided to keep a little bit of what I suppose I could call a "pregnancy journal." After having Pecos Jane, our daughter, Pinterest opened my eyes to all the neat ways to keep memories of your pregnancy. So I'm gonna give it a whirl this time around!!
I was 15 weeks this last Thursday. Wow, this one is flying!! At week 12 at my sonogram I was told by the doctor if she was betting she would place her money on a BOY!! I could see the parts...they were all there!! 
This week has been a good one!! Only complaint I have is the ligiments stretching...I sure don't remember "growing pains" this painful with Pecos. Thankfully I never was sick!!
I pray everyday for this little boy growing inside me. What a blessing?! I thank God that He has given me the opportunity to mother another sweet child of His. I'm also very thankful that I have a wonderful man by my side that they call daddy. 
Until next week!! Hope I don't bore y'all with my silly pregnancy excitement!! 

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