Monday, November 20, 2017

The Cactus Patch

Pictures by Erica J Photography 

I’m so excited to share a little about what I have been doing on my time away from Western Homestead. From the time of the birth of our first child my dream has been to open my own baby and children’s boutique. After years of kicking around the idea and fighting my head on other’s opinion the Lord placed placed a much needed friend in my life. We both were currently pregnant with baby number three due just a month apart. We trudged through the grueling first few months of adjusting to becoming mothers of three. I’m so thankful for those hard days that I had Erica to confide in via text to make those days a little less painful. As our conversations begin to move deeper and deeper we both revealed that our lifelong dreams were one in the same. 

The rest is history as we opened our online baby and children’s boutique April 19, 2017 The Cactus Patch. We have grown so much since then, not only as a business but as friends and partners. Erica is literally my souls sister and it’s incredibly scary of how much our mind are in sync on a daily basis. We both do our part to make The Cactus Patch what it has become and what it will become. We have huge goals for our future and we will stop at nothing to make those happen!

The Cactus Patch prides itself on offering only the highest quality and local to the USA Apparel and accessories. We do our best support fellow mom and dad makers and small shop owners. Shopping small and local is incredibly important to Erica and myself. Our mission statement is “Encouraging adventure and imagination by offering clothing and accessories fit for the magical journey of childhood.”

So, today I wanted to share one of our fan favorites Christmas tees. We all know that catchy Demi Lavato tune, Baby I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry. I know it’s gets trapped in our heads for hours upon hours....or is that just me?! This adorable tee gives that song a fun Christmas vibe. And to me honest with you, I catch myself singing Santa, I’m Sorry instead of its original verses. My kids get such a kick and my husband just gives me the “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and that’s not how the song goes” look. 

This tee comes in sizes 12-18 months, 2T, 4T, 6, and 8. If your kiddo is in between sizes I recommend going up a size and then they can always have for next Christmas too! We have sizing chart available on our website to ensure you get your kiddo the correct size. These tee designs are printed on high quality shirts by hand by a fellow Momma shop owner, Stacie Downs. I’ve always been a huge fan of hers and have purchased from her in past years for Pecos and Taos. Now working with her as a stockist is a dream come true! 

We also have these adorable Santa hair clips that come with a Rudolph clips as well!! These are perfect for any age little girl for piggies, ponytails, or keeping her hair held back from her face. We love these with our favorite Santa dresses and Cactus Patch Christmas tees! 

I’m so excited to finally share a little bit about mine and Erica’s new adventure! It’s a dream come true of a friendship and business. Hope y’all have all your Thanksgiving grocery list and to do’s checked off! Two days till we get to stuff our faces with all hose crazy aunts....oh wait I AM the crazy aunt!! 😂😂  

You can shop Georgia Mae’s look at links below!

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